What is climate change adaptation?

    The goal of climate change adaptation is to reduce the harmful effects of climate change, such as sea-levels encroaching on coastal areas, as well as making the most of any opportunities which may result from these changes.

    What sort of impacts can climate change have in coastal areas?

    Climate change is likely to affect the Whitsunday region with impacts such as rising sea levels, an increase in severe storms and tropical cyclones, storm surges and flash flooding, and extreme weather patterns leading to drought and higher chance of bushfire.

    Why is a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Policy and Strategy important?

    The Policy and Strategy will provide corporate governance on the topic of climate change, and assist Council to plan for future climate change impacts.

    How will Council be taking action?

    Council received funding from the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) to deliver the ‘Resilient Whitsundays: Coastal Hazards and Responses’ project. 

    This project began the important work of identifying which areas and key assets are at risk from coastal hazard in the Whitsunday region, and will develop potential options for responding to these challenges.

    How can you get involved?

    You will be able to provide your feedback and input during key milestones as the project progresses. 

    If you would like more information about the Strategy or any consultation activities, please contact Council on the details under Who's Listening.