When is Shute Harbour reopening?

    From 1 December 2021, tours and ferry services will be operating from the Shute Harbour Marine Terminal. The Terminal will be officially open to the public from 15 December 2021.

    Who is operating at the Shute Harbour Marine Terminal?

    Numerous tourism operators are based at the new Shute Harbour Marine Terminal, including Cruise Whitsundays, SeaLink, Explore Group, Island Transfers, Ocean Rafting, Salty Dog Sea Kayaking, Whitsunday Camping (Scamper), Elysian Resort, Pioneer Adventures, Ocean Rafting, Reefstar Cruises and Palm Bay Resort. 

    Check out their websites for further information on their products and services.

    Can we still fish from the public fishing pontoon?

    Yes, the fishing platform will be open to the public in early December and accessible from the Shute Harbour Marine Terminal carpark.

    Where can I put my boat in?

    The public boat ramp at Shute Harbour will reopen in early December 2021.

    Alternatively, nearby public boat ramps include Port of Airlie, Whisper Bay and Abel Point boat ramps.

    Where can I park?

    Car parking is now available in the lower carpark. There are 198 spaces in the lower carpark at Shute Harbour Marine Terminal.

    You can also park in the upper carpark near the Lions Lookout.

    There is a 7-day maximum stay for the lower carpark. 

    Parking fees for the carparks can be viewed on our website.

    Is there public transport available to Shute Harbour?

    Whitsunday Transit provides a regular bus service to Shute Harbour and their service matches the ferry timetable.

    How do I find the ferry timetable?

    You will need to visit the tourism operator website for the latest ferry timetables.

    Who will be maintaining the new boat ramp?

    Whitsunday Regional Council will be the day-to-day managers of the new boat ramp and maintain the ramp infrastructure. This includes cleaning, maintenance and basic repairs.

    I want to talk to someone about the design of the new boat ramp?

    The new boat ramp was designed and constructed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Any queries about the boat ramp should be directed to Maritime Safety Queensland. Find out more on their website.

    Where do I find information about the marine facilities?

    For useful information, including berthing, fuel and other facilities, visit the Shute Harbour Marine Terminal website.

    Will there be fuel available?

    Yes, there is a fuel facility at the new Marine Terminal. Further information on fees and charges are on the website.

    How much will it cost for me to moor or berth my boat?

    A list of fees and charges for our different services are available on our website.

    Is there a restaurant on site?

    An Expression of Interest was released earlier this year for the restaurant space however no suitable applicants were received. Another Expression of Interest may be released in the future.

    In the meantime, a temporary pop-up coffee and food van, Little Vintage Café, will service the Marine Terminal. 

    Little Vintage Café is licensed to be onsite between 6am – 3pm, Monday to Sunday (7 days a week).

    What is happening with the second building?

    Council will be building a second, smaller building next to the new Terminal, which will house the small tourism operators and provide a Luggage collection area. 

    Council is currently seeking Expressions of Interest for construction of the second building. It is expected works will begin in early 2022 and be completed by mid-2022, weather permitting. 

    The construction of the second building could not begin until the major restoration project was complete, and the site handed back to Council. 

    What island resort connections are provided at the new Marine Terminal?

    The following island resort connections are available from Shute Harbour Marine Terminal from 1 December 2021:

    •    Cruise Whitsundays: https://cruisewhitsundays.com/island-transfers/  

    •    Island Transfers: https://www.islandtransfers.com/  

    •    Whitsunday Island Camping Connection: https://www.whitsundaycamping.com.au/  

    What marine tours and experiences are available from Shute Harbour?

    The following tours and experiences will be operating from Shute Harbour Marine Terminal from 1 December 2021:

    •    Cruise Whitsundays: https://cruisewhitsundays.com/experiences/ 

    •    Sealink: https://www.sealinkqld.com.au/    

    •    Explore Hamilton Island:  https://www.exploregroup.com.au/

    •    Ocean Rafting: https://oceanrafting.com.au/  

    •    Pioneer Adventures:  https://www.pioneeradventures.com.au/

    •    Salty Dog Sea Kayaking - https://www.saltydog.com.au/ 

    •    Pioneer Jet Boat https://www.pioneeradventures.com.au/ 

    •    Scamper https://www.whitsundaycamping.com.au/ 

    •    Reefstar Cruises: https://www.facebook.com/reefstarwhitsundays/    

    What happens when I arrive by private boat to Shute Harbour?

    Upon arrival call the Shute Harbour Marine Terminal Office on VHF channel 16 to notify our team of your arrival between the hours of 7am and 5pm. 

    Limited short-term berths are available for lease, with water and fuel available at competitive rates. Find out more here

    Is there public wi-fi available at the Terminal?

    Yes, free wi-fi will be accessible from within the Terminal for operators and guests.