What is Trade Waste?

Trade waste is effluent which will often contain chemicals, hydrocarbons, oils, fats, grease and heavy metals, which place an extra load on the sewerage system and require additional treatment.

Businesses that discharge trade waste are currently required to hold a Trade Waste Approval Permit.

What is the purpose of the Trade Waste Policy and Plan?

The new plan will ensure the region's waste and water treatment plants operate as efficiently and safely as possible for the community, employees, sewerage system and the environment.

Recent State Government legislation requirements have led to the development of the new Policy and Plan, which encourages a responsible and proactive approach to trade waste.

Why do we need a Trade Waste Management Plan?

Trade waste charges are intended to cover the cost to ratepayers of collection, transportation and treatment of trade waste, and the ongoing maintenance of the sewerage system.

Volume charging will also be introduced into the fee structure. As trade waste customers are the biggest users of water besides agriculture in the region, introducing volume charges will help encourage water saving measures and delay the need to upgrade water infrastructure in the region.

The new fees and charges are designed to be fair and equitable, based on a ‘user pays’ system.

How will the changes affect me?

Key Changes Include:

  • The property owner (landlord) will now be responsible for the installation and maintenance of pre-treatment devices (for eg, grease traps, ), not the tenant.

  • The annual trade waste approval fees will be billed to the property owner and not the tenant.

  • Volume charging will also be introduced into the fee structure. The new fees and charges are designed to be fair and equitable, based on a ‘user pays’ system.

  • Any new businesses applying for a Trade Waste Approval will go straight onto the new system of fees and charges from July 2017 (dependant of fee structure resolved).

When will the changes be introduced?

The rollout of the new Plan will take place in stages over the next three years, with ongoing information, help and resources provided by Council to all property owners and businesses who operate under a Trade Waste Approval permit.

Next Steps:

1.  All affected property owners and businesses will be offered a meeting with Council staff to discuss the changes in person.

2.  Public Information Sessions will be held throughout the rollout for the wider public and for those who cannot attend a face-to-face meeting with Council.

3.  Many businesses have already been sampled to determine which category each property falls into, with the remaining to be finalised over the coming months. There are no volumetric fees associated with this categorisation process. Council staff will continue to visit trade waste customers to assist them with the new trade waste policy and to explain good housekeeping techniques to minimise trade waste.

How can I find out more?

Contact Council’s Trade Waste Officer on (07) 4761 3685 or Engagement & Marketing Coordinator on (07) 4945 0614.