What stage is the draft Whitsunday Regional Council Planning Scheme at now?

Council has proposed some amendments to the draft Planning Scheme based on the submissions received during the 2015 public consultation process.

A second public consultation process is required to seek feedback on these amendments.

Why is public consultation being done again?

The Queensland Government's legislation and statutory guidelines require Council to seek public submissions on the amendments that are being proposed. It is also Council's intention to keep the community informed about the progress of the draft Planning Scheme.

How long is the public consultation period?

Consultation will be for a period of seven weeks from 29 August 2016 - 14 October 2016.

What amendments have been made to the draft Planning Scheme since the first consultation period?

As a result of the August - October 2015 consultation period, Council has removed the Airlie Beach Local Plan, made several administrative zoning changes and responded to submitters by reducing building heights in Airlie Beach.

What changes can be made to the draft Planning Scheme in this second consultation period, and what impact will public consultation have?

The draft Planning Scheme is in its final stages of preparation. Council has already done a significant amount of work in consulting with the community, receiving 693 responses in the 2015 consultation. It is unlikely that any significant changes will result from consultation. This second round of consultation is important for the community to understand the key changes made and what stage the plan is at now.

When will the new Planning Scheme be finished and implemented?

After this round of consultation, Council will submit the draft Planning Scheme to the Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning for approval.

Council is aiming to formally adopt the Planning Scheme by December 2016.

How did Council decide on changing the building heights in Airlie Beach?

Council completed an analysis of the submissions regarding building heights, and weighed these submissions against the need to create jobs and accommodate growth. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, Council decided to amend the maximum proposed heights in some precincts along Waterson Way and in the Port of Airlie area from the proposed heights advertised in the first round of consultation.

I haven't received a Council response to my submission from the first round of consultation. What has happened to my submission?

There have been delays in responding to submitters due to the 2016 Local Government Quadrennial Elections and further Queensland Government policy amendments.

However, you can now access the response to your submission online and find out how it has been considered by viewing the Submission Analysis Report, and using the submitter number provided to you in your submission acknowledgment letter.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Council's Planning and Development Department on (07) 4945 0200 or via email at info@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au.

Why hasn't there been any change as a result of my submission?

Council has considered all submissions and, where possible, has incorporated your views into the latest version of the draft Planning Scheme. Council noted some submissions for future investigation and possible action.

Why isn't Council keeping things the way they are now?

Due to amalgamation, a Planning Scheme must be developed for the region as a whole that meets the needs of the fast growing community, stimulates key industries and protects the natural environment.

Why has Council deferred my submission for further action or investigation?

Council has considered all submissions. However, some submissions require further study and investigation and are unable to be incorporated at this time.

I didn't participate in the first consultation period. Can I participate and make a submission during this round?

All residents are welcome and encouraged to participate. It is important to Council that our community understands the purpose and function of the new Planning Scheme, and how it will ensure that we are prepared for success.

If I lodge a Development Application now, will it be assessed under the new draft Planning Scheme?

Development Applications lodged before the adoption of the new Planning Scheme will be assessed under the current separate Bowen and Whitsunday Shire Planning Schemes. In assessment, it will be considered if the proposed development conflicts with the new draft Planning Scheme.